Thursday, July 2, 2009

One Path or Many?

Someone once asked Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi if there was only one path to enlight-enment. Her answer itself was enlightening.

She pointed to the microphone in front of her. There is only one way of connecting a mic into a sound system – by way of the audio cables. Finding enlightenment is the same, she said, except that it is spontaneous. It's a living process and sometimes there are obstacles in the way and there is no guarantee of reaching the goal.

An important point here is that since it is natural, you cannot pay for it. It happens or it doesn't happen. "Suppose a seed is not sprouting, what's the use of of paying the Mother Earth?" she said. "If it has to sprout, it will sprout." But not all seeds sprout, just as not all routes lead to the truth. Or to put it another way: not everything that is beyond is divine.

There is a general feeling among seekers that all paths lead to the same nirvana. "We will get there eventually, no matter what we do. Seeking is its own reward."

As a result, many prefer to take the scenic route in their quest for enlightenment. They are confident that they will get there eventually. They might, they hope, even have some fun on the way.

But what is the use delaying the reward and probably damaging yourself in the process? Are we enjoying the trip so much that we want to put off the arrival. "Flat tires thrill me," the proverbial seeker might say. "Getting there is secondary."

Sahaja Yoga is the simple, spontaneous and natural way to spiritually ascend. That is why it is called "Sahaja."

"All roads may lead to Rome," but not all paths of seeking lead to the truth. Some are deadends. Some are circuitous and torturous.

And in order for a seed to sprout it must fall on fertile land. It must also be sometimes nurtured, fed and watered.

In the same way, Kundalini awakening is fueled by our individual desire. Although the Kundalini works within each of us in the same, she also has a knowledge of the individual in which she is rising. She is like our mother.

There is a quality of universal motherhood, but at the same time every mother has a special love for her child. The same with Kundalini. She is our mother.

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  1. Thank you brother,
    You really have understood that there is only one way to reach the goal because the reality is one only.Sun is one sun rays are many.I am living with my Mother kundalini since got my rebirth by Her in 1982. She is always with me looking after me and nourishing me. I feel myself most fortunate.
    CL patel