Tuesday, May 26, 2009

There is a Land

There is a land unchanged, separate from our own. It is not distant, but very close.

It a country we may never have visited, but it is not foreign.

It is the principality of our dreams, of our childhood, of our hopes. It is a state that is our realm, both personal and universal. We are the monarch. And we are the citizenry.

This land is the destination chosen by all travellers seeking truth.

The language spoken there is understood by all who can listen. It is soft and loving. It talks of peace and joy.

No passport is needed, no visa or inoculation. It is a land without borders, but still it is entirely within and contained. The checkpoints are those of welcome. You may never have been there, but you will immediately be at home.

Consider these words to be a travel guide, an invitation, a brochure like no other. Consider gentle waves lapping, a beach landing of white sand, a low plateau of wild grasses, trees bowing in a fragrant breeze, a feeling as to what may be, a knowledge that harbours peace. There are signposts and milestones, ensigns and anthems. There is also tranquility, equilibrium and balance.

Don't miss a thing. There is a lot to see.

There is no government or army. The laws are natural and obvious. They are written inside. Everyone knows.

In this land there is no word for allegiance, no handle for patriotism. Competition and war are in exile. There is only oneness. Wordless silence. Simplicity.

And, oh, there is a river which runs through this country. Its gentle gurgles are heard from a distance. From the fresh whitewater of the highlands to the slow circles of the seaside estuaries, it feeds the land through which it passes. This river calls to every heart. It is a river of love.

Welcome to the place you belong.

Look inside. The land is called Within.

You are home. Home at last.

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