Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Five Reasons NOT to Meditate

Or: Five really poor reasons to try meditation as a way of improving yourself, your life and your view of the world.

1. I can close my eyes to everything and avoid all my problems for three and a half minutes – or however long I can sustain it.

2. I will appear to be cool, plugged in, in tune and ahead of the crowd. (The respect of my peers is a big thing to me, but I also like to be a little ahead of them, as long as they approve.)

3. The investment in equipment is low – no headgear, shinpads or goalie's mask needed. The mat is optional I am told.

4. As a lifestyle, it's an easy add-on that won't require much of me in terms of commitment, involvement or undstanding. (It's beyond words, right?)

5. I understand it is a vehicle to get somewhere good really fast. Like ascending a ladder on the Snakes & Ladders board, you just have to roll the right number on the dice.

And now FIVE really GOOD reasons TO meditate.

1. I will find myself.

2. I will be myself.

3. I will love myself.

4. I will go beyond myself.

5. I will become something greater – bigger than myself.

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